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Astronomical Clock. Old Times Square, Prague

Astronomical Clock. Old Times Square, Prague

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For anyone that’s interested, this is a really insightful look at the development of The Simpsons through the years and how and why it went from being amazing to that “thing that still airs on Sundays at 8pm on FOX”.


joel from vinesauce made a new windows destruction video and it is golden [x]

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Sexuality: 50% straight. Maybe like 47%.

Sexuality: [awkward shrug] [noncommital grunt] [avoidance of eye contact]

Sexuality: Heterosexual*  ((*terms and conditions may apply))

Sexuality: Depends on the phases of the moon and the positioning of the stars

Sexuality: That is an excellent question. [strokes chin] [peers contemplatively into the distance] Freddie Mercury was born in September of 1946…..

Sexuality: I am exclusively attracted to the sound of money being rubbed together

Sexuality: [Opening crawl text in the beginning of every Star Wars movie]

Sexuality: In a spectrum of heterosexuality on one end and homosexuality on the other, I am floating somewhere in the vicinity of your favorite childhood memory.

Sexuality: [sneezes fourteen times in a row, makes you uncomfortable with repeating your bless you’s but also uncomfortable with ignoring the sounds, forces you to leave the room]

Sexuality: I am four tablespoons of queer in a medium glass of hetero. It doesn’t matter though because I dropped the glass years ago and stepped on a shard and had to excuse myself indefinitely. The glass is not empty. The glass simply is not there. Watch your step.

Sexuality: Overly complex and not entirely accurate analogies

Sexuality: I probably would not date an inanimate object??

Sexuality: [opens mouth] [theremin music begins to play]

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No more analysis of the cast of Utena can possibly be created this is literally it.

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Earthbound/Mother 2, Nintendo (1994)



Earthbound/Mother 2, Nintendo (1994)

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i want someone who’s never seen b99 to explain this screencap


is this live action cowboy bebop


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at this point i’m going to guess that pearl and garnet’s fusion dance is just going to be anaconda with pearl in the chair

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there are left and right handed snails!  in conispiral gastropods, about 75% are dextral, or right-handed, and the other 25% are sinister.  you can tell by holding up a snail shell so that the cone points toward you and see which side the opening happens on

however, there is also an interesting thing you can do to measure water quality by looking at left and right handed snails in a given stream or pond- if the majority are left-handed snails, then the water is probably polluted, since they seem to occur much much much more often in kinda gross waterways